Iain Duncan Smith tells wife: “Our wedding vows were just a series of possibilities”

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Leading Brexit campaigner Iain Duncan Smith has admitted to his wife that their wedding vows, solemnly pledged to each other in 1982, were just “a series of possibilities”.

The Conservative MP for Chingford and Woodford insisted to his wife Betsy that he hadn’t technically broken any of the promises, as what he actually meant was “forsaking a significant amount of others”.

Duncan Smith distanced himself from the vows, saying: “The lion’s share of others are being forsaken, and that’s the key point.”

The former work and pensions secretary also clarified that, contrary to what his wife might have inferred from the wedding ceremony, he also only meant for better, for richer and in health.

Duncan Smith added, “I only said this to you in front of all our friends and relatives in the house of God. It’s not like I wrote it on the side of a bus.”

The MP did stand by his claim of “till death do us part” though. “Or article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Whichever is triggered first.”