Lionel Messi quits Labour Shadow cabinet

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Lionel Messi has stunned Labour party officials after tendering his resignation from the Shadow Cabinet following allegations of impropriety during the EU referendum, according to reports.

Claims suggest the diminutive forward left his campaigning in favour of remaining in the EU to his accountant, who it is alleged proceeded to campaign for Leave unbeknownst to him.

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, said it was right for the Barcelona forward to fall on his sword.

“When you have a member of your team, in this case someone who one could look upon as your leader, who doesn’t give his all in campaigning for something he doesn’t really believe in, then you’ve got a problem,” he told us.

“When that problem looks likely to lead to the break-up of a Union which bonds a Kingdom together, then frankly, one should hold their hands up and say ‘I made a mistake, now please re-elect me as your leader’.”

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The Argentinian denied his resignation was intended to reopen the debate on the Falklands.

“My accountant didn’t mention the Falklands.”

“But he did mention something about taking back Malvina’s from those bastards.”

A press officer for Barcelona has denied earlier reports the Nou Camp outfit would cover the early losses on Sterling incurred as a result of Messi’s error.