North Korea tests new long range missile rhetoric

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North Korea have tested talking about using a long range missile to hit the US to capture reaction from the tiny world leading super power.

The US may react by either raising further sanctions, which no one really understands, or alternatively, just laughing.

North Korea consultant Simon Williams says, “If you think about it, they are building each bit of this ‘nuclear missile’ at a phenomenal rate. And how do you do that with the internet banned?

“I imagine this has gone directly to the ‘all mouth and no trousers’ investigative section of the military that usually deals with it.

“We’re very much expecting the next announcement from the region to be about how they’ve bred an attack dog large enough to strap a warhead to his face, or created a Mars bar that sprays acid, or built a robot Medusa.”

Kim Jong Un was unavailable for comment.