Cameron to finance £9m for ‘In’ campaign leaflets with lucrative overseas tax dodge

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David Cameron assured the public that the £9m referendum leaflet will cost considerably less after exploiting a variety of tax loopholes that he knows.

The Prime Minister made the announcement at a gathering of ‘Remain’ activists in Preston.

“Let me be clear,” said the Prime Minister, leaving everyone in no doubt that he was about to tell the complete and undeniable truth.

“Although the cost on paper of the leaflet campaign will be in the region of nine millions pounds, after some clever accounting and tax-based jiggery-pokery, the real cost will only be something closer to two, three million pounds, max.”

At this point the PM smiled, seemingly expecting some sort applause, when it didn’t arrive, he continued.

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“You see, I know this ever so cleaver chappie out in Panama who works all sorts of wonders with your accounts, for instance, I had these shares in-”

At this point the PM paused, peering off stage at a frantically waving assistant.

“Excuse me, my aide appears to be trying to catch my attention.”

Mr Cameron then disappeared briefly before returning and reading out the following statement.

“The payment of the nine millions pounds for these leaflets is a private matter.”