Students take down Christmas tree

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A student shared house have decided that the time is right to take down their Christmas tree.

“Yeah, you know, we put the tree up in December for a bit of a Christmas shindig,” said 3rd year geography student Albert Ponceface III.

The ‘shindig’ involved over a thousand friends, the sacking of a nearby Oddbins, and police officers from three counties.

“Yeah, it was a good do.

“So, we had the Christmas tree, even though, you know, Christmas is just this commercial, you know, nightmare that definitely none of us believe in.”

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Mr Ponceface III then went on to reveal how the tree had become something of a talking point amongst friends.

“Yeah, yeah, we were thinking of taking it down after we returned from our Christmas hols, you know, in February, but our friends said we should leave it.”

Friend Simon Williams continues.

“Oh yeah, the tree, that was well hilarious. That’s the thing with Bert’s house, they are just well mad round there.

“Having a Christmas Tree up in February? Who does that! So I was all like, ‘No, Bert, keep the tree, keep the tree,’ because we’re students and we have to well shake things up a bit.”

Mr Ponceface III agreed.

“Yeah, it was hilarious, but it’s April now. It’s time for it to come down. After all, I’m hoping to be a stockbroker next year and I don’t want the firm to think I’m some anarchist.”

They began dismantling the tree at 3pm yesterday afternoon and are expected to finish sometime in May.