Brexit campaign leaflet to feature Bulgarian plumber raping your family

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The Brexit campaign has released a glossy five-page pamphlet that subtly plays on people’s migration fears.

Inside, a typical hard-working British family experience what life will be like at the hands of Eastern European sex perverts if Britain remains in the EU.

The leaflet, which cost fifty pence to produce, shows what would happen if a jobless Bulgarian plumber gained your trust and negotiated an inflated price for your bathroom renovation.

On Page 3, Vasily, a benefit-claiming plumber from Sofia, forces himself on your partially sighted grandmother before working his way down the age group.

Leading Brexit campaigner, Simon Williams, said, “Vasily’s sexual appetite becomes enraged after he loses a spanner.

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“He also makes a botched job of the grouting, which he tries to cover up with paint.

“We could have made it for less than fifty pence, but we had to use a colour printer for the brown faces.”

On Page 4, Vasily is joined by fellow rapists Dimitri the Romanian tiling expert and Ratko, a genocidal Kosovan power shower enthusiast.

Williams went on, “Lots of ordinary, decent hardworking Britons think Kosovo is a lovely country full of meerkats.

“The truth is it’s full of jobless murderers who want to bum sex your niece.

“We’re not allowed to depict that due to some insane EU obscenity law that Ratko knows only too well how to exploit.

“It’s one rule for Ratko and another for your traumatized relatives.”

Last night leading Brexiters shouted down claims that the leaflet is racist.

“How can this be racist? The Romanian rapist we used on Page 4 isn’t even a gypo.”