Woman tells of her horror after accidentally visiting gents pub toilet

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A traumatised woman has spoken of her horror after accidentally going into the gents toilet in a pub in Chelmsford.

“I’ve never seen a place so devoid of everything that makes us human,” said Eleanor Gay, tearfully clutching her mother for support.

“And I live in Chelmsford.”

Ms Gay accidentally went into the gents whilst out for drinks after work to celebrate a colleague’s birthday.

“I’d had a little bit too much to drink and must have walked through the wrong door,” she said after composing herself.

“The first thing that hit me was the stench, it was like all the evil and hatred in the world had coalesced into a single smell.

“Then, I think I must have been in shock or something, because it took a few seconds for me to understand what I was seeing.

“It was like the Somme in there.

“The floor was awash with urine, both cubicle doors were hanging on their hinges, the wall was covered with crudely drawn pictures of female…parts.

“The urinal was full of cigarette butts even though smoking’s been banned for six years.

“A gnarled, one-eyed, old-man holding his shrivelled, blackened penis looked over his shoulder and cackled at me.

“And it looked like someone had shat on the ceiling.

“To top it all, there wasn’t even any pot pourri,” she added, before collapsing in tears into her mother’s arms.

Doctors have said that with the right care Ms Gay should make a complete recovery from her trauma sometime in 2025.