Ken doll to be given beergut and bald patch

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Barbie’s boyfriend Ken will be given a bald patch and a beergut in a move designed to give young boys a more realistic body image.

Accessories which come with the doll, such as a surfboard and a mixing deck, will be replaced with a pint glass and a computer with an Ashley Madison account.

The move is intended to tackle unrealistic social and body image expectations on men and help them understand that whatever they look like is perfectly normal.

Ken’s traditional fashionable clothes will also be replaced with either a sports jacket or rugby shirt and a pair of slightly tight jeans.

Barbie’s boyfriend’s looks have been under fire for years, with critics saying his washboard stomach and intact hairline create unrealistic expectations for millions of men.

A new range of peripherals will be launched for Ken to support the line change, including a second-hand sports car which comes complete with the babysitter and the ‘Ken’s New Home’ playset – a room in the local Travelodge.