Typo hands Hinkley Point nuclear reactor to the EDL

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A new nuclear power plant could be delayed by decades after plans were handed to the far right organisation EDL instead of energy company EDF.

The EDF project was originally due to open in 2017, but has since come under fire from the EDL for both its cost and the fact that it looks a bit like a mosque.

And analysts believe that handing the nation’s future energy needs to a bunch of irrational hotheads could mean big savings for consumers.

Despite initial scepticism, the English Defence League insists it can guarantee a price of £92.50 per megawatt hour of electricity once deductions for lager have been factored in.

However, the ultra-nationalists are unsure as to whether the extra power delivered by Hinkley will be of the white variety.

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The EDL says that while their plans are still at the developmental stage, they are sure to go off with a bang.

Activists claim that any shortfall in the nation’s heating demands can be met from renewables such as green energy or by setting fire to synagogues.

EDL spokesman, Simon Williams, said “Where we differ from the Big Six is by our prioritising of cutting waste; in helping families on low budgets and by our commitment to total Aryan supremacy.

“The energy calculations, as detailed by our communist rivals in the EDF, are deeply flawed because Muslims absorb more heat.”

The neo-fascists’ board is expected to meet on Saturday to finalise the decision after watching the football.