Long-lost Beatrix Potter story completed by helpful mice

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A long-lost tale by Beatrix Potter left in the Victoria and Albert Museum for 100 years has been found completed by helpful mice.

The story – called the Tale of Kitty-in-Boots – was tracked down after references were found in exercise books, although researchers were amazed to find that the incomplete manuscript had been been patiently finished by the mice living in the museum in the interim.

Beatrix Potter wrote a succession of children’s books about anthropomorphised animals which were until now believed to have been the product of her own imagination.

“The story is clearly Potters’ own ideas and work, although we have some doubts about the sudden appearance of a heroic mouse character about two thirds of the way through,” said Potter expert Simon Williams.

“It is incredible to think that this manuscript has sat in our archive for 100 years, during which time it has been diligently – most diligently – completed by a hitherto unsuspected workforce.

“I’ve got to admit, we did wonder what the singing from the archive was. I suppose we should have come and looked.

“And at the end, on a small piece of paper and written in a tiny, familiar hand,  they have left a note which simply reads ‘No more Potter’.”

When asked if he had anything to add, the Victoria and Albert Museum cat, Simpkin, simply licked his paws and looked knowing.