Millionaire refugees flee Denmark

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The wealthy majority of Syrian refugees arriving in Denmark are set to flee their new home after the government asked them to hand over their considerable assets.

Denmark is playing host to approximately 20,000 Syrian millionaires who have fled their start-up companies and trust funds in the war-torn hellhole.

The loaded freeloaders are said to be astonished at being asked to pay towards their keep by the callous Danish government.

Meanwhile, by way of an olive branch, the Danish authorities will allow its new found wealth-creators to keep sentimental items such as wedding rings, spectacles and gold fillings.

However, a weary public has become immune to TV pictures of refugees dressed like Gordon Gecko, carrying slogans such as “Please Help Us”, “Will work for food” and “Greed is good.”

Authorities point to an impressive haul of high-end electrical goods such as plasma TVs, some of which have passed through several countries on the back of a donkey.

Danish resident Kasper Riise said, “I see them crossing the border with their ipads, flash suits and Rolex watches and it makes me sick to the stomach.”

Syrian migrant Mohammed Ahmed said “I’ve said all along, if the Danish government passes this bill, I’m applying for asylum in the Isle of Man.

“Now that my private jet has been seized, I’ll be forced to travel First Class on Eurostar.”