Bedroom Tax scrapped and replaced with Beneath Habitation Forfeiture

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After judges declared the Under-Occupancy Penalty, dubbed by critics as the Bedroom Tax, discriminatory, the government have revealed plans for a new policy called the Beneath Habitation Forfeiture.

A Department for Work and Pensions spokesperson has denied that it is identical to the existing policy but with a different name.

The DWP Spokesperson explained, “While we fundamentally disagree with the court’s ruling, we are willing to compromise.”

“Victims of domestic violence will no longer be affected by the policy, and we will now focus our attention on casualties of stay-at-home bloodshed.”

“Likewise, the disabled will be spared in favour of the handicapped.”

Those opposed to the move have already termed the new policy ‘the chamber levy’ and vowed to go back to the Court of Appeal, but the spokesman insisted that the government will remain defiant and a that a back-up policy called the Nether Tenancy Amercement is already under development.