Darlington children ‘struggle to get parents ready for school’

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School kids in Darlington have revealed that they face a daily struggle to get their parents dressed and presentable for school.

Some children have stuck to their threats and dragged their parents out in only their pyjamas – but even bunny slippers didn’t shame one lazy mother.

“Every day it’s the same,”said Simone Williams, 11.

“She’s up all night, playing on her phone.

“When I tell her to go to bed, she just grunts or throws a tantrum. It’s no wonder she’s too tired to get dressed in the morning.”

Each evening, Simone polishes her mum’s shoes and puts out some clothes for her, for the next day.

“I make her a packed lunch, I know she doesn’t eat the hot dinners they have at the canteen at work.

“I’ve tried her with pot noodles, but she says the kettle is too far away.”

Simone is clearly stressed this morning: it’s already 8:30 and her mum’s breakfast is getting cold. She shouts up the stairs one final time.

“If you don’t come down now, I’m going to be late. Do you want me to get detention? Do you understand the consequences?

“It means you’ll have to come and fetch me in the evening, and you’ll end up missing Pointless!

“Honestly, parents these days don’t know they’re born.”