Corbyn pledges to rescue Calais migrants from tyranny of French socialist utopia

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Jeremy Corbyn has suggested that migrants camped in Calais should be allowed to apply for asylum in Britain, and leave France’s socialist utopia.

Thousands of refugees, including women and children, have walked hundreds of miles through the left-wing paradise in order to escape it.

“Whether they’re fleeing a war zone, or just looking to improve their lives, we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to those who want to come to Cameron’s broken Britain,” said Corbyn.

“Who would want to stay in a republic with heavily subsidised nationalised industries and generous pensions?” asked the Labour leader.

“That’s just inhumane. Let them come in, and be shackled to the UK’s capitalist wage slavery.”

Corbyn promised that he would ‘do things differently’ if he was elected Prime Minister, and would reverse many of the changes made by the Tories.

On hearing this news, several hundred refugees were seen walking slowly back towards Germany.