HMRC urged to google how much tax Google owes

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After an ‘open audit’ of their accounts led to Google agreeing to pay £130m in back taxes, HMRC have been urged to get a more accurate figure of what the company owes by googling it.

Critics have labelled the sum as ‘derisory’ and called on HMRC to carry out an additional investigation that could take anything up to 10 seconds.

One Internet user who is capable of typing queries and clicking a button, said: “£130m is a trivial amount compared to what Google actually owes.

“They should be paying about £200m every year in corporation tax not £130m every decade.

“Don’t they have calculators at HMRC?”

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An HMRC spokesperson said: “An electronic or mechanical device for the performance of mathematical computations.

“Oh yeah, Google is your friend.”