Demands for asylum seekers to wear dunce hats dropped

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A private company that provides meals for asylum seekers in Cardiff has dropped demands for them to wear large pointed dunce hats as a condition for receiving food.

The dunce hats had been given to asylum seekers to make it simpler for them to be identified in the streets as targets for abuse and disdain.

“We were finding that innocent British people were finding themselves abused and mocked,” said a spokesperson for the company.

“And that’s just not on, so we wanted to come up with a simple method of identifying asylum seekers so that they could correctly be abused and mocked.

“The dunce hat was working just fine, but some looney-leftie, hippie right-on types have decided that it’s ‘offensive.’ Political correctness gone mad if you ask me.”

Local people were baffled by the decision.

“It’s bonkers,” said local bigot Simon Williams

“It made life so much simpler. You saw someone in a big dunce-hat, you threw a stone at them. Simples.

“I can only hope that sanity prevails and if they have to get rid of the dunce hats then they’re replaced with big floppy clown shoes or something.”

The dunce hat controversy in Cardiff comes after asylum seekers in Middlesbrough were abused after they were told to wear bells round their neck and shout ‘unclean’ as they walk round town.