Banksy claims credit for dead whales on Skegness beach

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Three dead whales washed up on Skegness beach are the latest work by Banksy, it has been revealed.

The work is titled ‘Mortis Crux’, and explores the evanescence of mortality through the medium of forty tons of decomposing blubber.

The artist hopes the dead whales will bloat with gas and explode, showering onlookers and nearby houses with entrails and rotting flesh as a statement on the social policies of the current government.

Banksy, real name Simon Williams, is understood to have taken every care in making the piece ecologically friendly, including sourcing hand-reared, organic whales and sensitively killing them himself.

As is usual with Banksy’s work, the whales appeared unexpectedly overnight leaving locals astonished.

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“We were bloody annoyed when we got up of a morning and found a bunch of dead cetaceans on our beach,” a council spokesman told us.

“But then we found someone had sprayed Banksy on the side of one and we could charge a tenner a go for tickets.

“Fifteen for an inclusive boat trip round the bay and a plate of whelks,” he added hopefully.

Once the installation is complete the whales will be shipped to the Sangatte centre in Calais to help feed refugees.

Banksy’s next project is to raise awareness of social change since the 1970s by leaving white dog poo in hedge bottoms.