Tim Peake already wondering if he left the gas on

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Britain’s first astronaut is already wondering if he left the gas on, according to scientists this morning.

Despite being strapped to a rocket pointing at space, Major Tim Peake is likely to be concerned that he forgot to put the cat out, despite his extensive training.

“Being fired at things far away takes a lot of expertise,” explained chief igniter Klaus Oppenheimer.

“For instance, you have to remember not to nip back and check the front door is locked.”

The plucky adventurer is looking forward to arriving in the International Space Station, with its unique viewpoint of the Earth.

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“I’ll be able to see everything from up there,” said Tim.

“I’m just hoping I can’t see that I left my bike out on the lawn.

“Oh Christ, what if I’ve forgotten to take my recycling bins back off the street? The Council will go mental.”