Britain First outrage as English Astronaut joins ISS

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Britain First have spoken out against the ‘Muslimification’ of space, after Major Tim Peake announced plans to join the Islamic Space Station.

In an angry Facebook post, the page for racist morons complained that Peake would be taking radical Islam into space, to the first Islamic State base which is probably designed to blow up the Earth.

A Britain First spokesperson explained, “Wake up sheeple! They are winning! Even now this man who claims to be English is heading to ISS land where he’ll be hailed as a hero for fooling us all.”

“How long will you wait before you stand up against this Death Star being built by ISS?”

“They want you dead, and you’re making it really easy for them.  The only way to stop the onslaught is by being really shitty to brown people, trust me.”

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