Step ladder firm raided in crackdown on ‘legal highs’

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Ministers have denied that they are ‘out of touch’ with youth culture, after police raided a warehouse full of step ladders.

“When I read that legal highs were dangerous, I thought ‘well everyone knows that’,” said Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

“Without someone to foot the bottom step, a boy could easily fall on top of you.”

Following government instructions, police raided the premises and discovered equipment capable of elevating a youth ‘safely’ to 25 feet.

But what if they weighed more than 120 kilograms, or attempted to stand on the top step?

“These legal highs look fun, but when I tried one, I started to feel a bit light-headed,” explained police sergeant Brian Toxteth.

“And then I looked down, and immediately shat my pants.”

Toxteth had a pre-existing condition called ‘lilly liver’ which was aggravated by the ‘high’.

A video of the incident has been put on YouTube, to serve as a warning to those thinking of following in his footsteps, or buying his second-hand laundry basket.