Cross party support for Britain to launch air strikes against Katie Hopkins

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There was wild cheering in the House of Commons yesterday as Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced plans to launch a series of RAF strikes on controversial media personality, Katie Hopkins.

Cameron delivered a blistering call to arms as he demanded that Britain put an end to the constant, bigoted bluster from the self-styled ‘uber bitch’ once and for all.

It is believed that the first strikes will be made on Saturday evening when she leaves The Daily Mail newspaper’s offices in London, with further bombing taking place at her home – just to be on the safe side.

There was widespread support for the initiative from both sides of the house; with the only note of caution coming from Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who advocated restraint and suggested an equally satisfactory result could be obtained by everyone simply ignoring her and withdrawing the oxygen of publicity.

However the Prime Minister concluded, “Yeah, but where’s the fun in that? No, blowing her up will be much more better for everyone.”

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