‘Here, let me help you’ says predatory gym user

author avatar by 9 years ago

A creepy guy in your gym wants to help you exercise properly.

Simon Williams had been staring at you while you were doing squats for a good five minutes before wandering over.

“There’s a better way to do that,” grinned the unwelcome little sex pest.

“You have to put your feet just a little further apart and push your…bottom…out…a little more…

“Give it another go, I’ll stand behind you and make sure you get it right this time.

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“It might look like I’m touching myself, but it’s just my unique way of checking my pulse, which you probably wouldn’t understand.

“That’s better. Thaaaaat’s better.

“I find it helps to film yourself doing these things so you can check your form later. Here use my phone, I insist. Then I can send it to you later.

“I’ll need your phone number to do that, obviously.

“And your address.

“What? Do you want to get fit or not? No need to be weird about it.”