Woman changes everything by posting motivational slogan on Facebook

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Everyone is waking up today to a completely different world today, after a woman posted a motivational slogan on Facebook last night.

Eleanor Gay’s message consisted of the phrase ‘Ride the unicorn of hope,’ superimposed on a picture taken from the back of one of Yes’ early seventies’ albums.

Since she posted it at 7.21 last night, everything got better.

President Putin immediately travelled to Ankara to take his top off and give Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogana tender hug.

It is understood that he travelled on a horse with a cornetto pressed to its forehead in tribute to Ms Gay’s ‘Unicorn of Hope.’

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At around midnight ISIS or ‘bag of dicks’ as they’re better known, laid down all weapons and started work to preserve buildings of historical interest.

In the USA the NRA became the NSA, an organisation dedicated to skateboarding and Donald Trump was humanely put to sleep.

Meanwhile, back at home the Royal Family changed the British National Anthem to Richie Valens’ ‘La Bamba,’ David Cameron and George Osborne realised that they didn’t have to be dicks anymore, and Eastenders finally came to an end.

It is understood that Ms Gay intends to post a picture of a King Charles Spaniel dressed as Yoda that will cause mankind to take the next evolutionary step and become super-humans.