George Osborne’s budget accused of plagiarising Game Of Thrones ‘Red Wedding’

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George Osborne’s 2015 emergency budget was directly inspired by George R R Martin’s infamous Game of Thrones wedding scene, it has been revealed.

As with the Red Wedding, Osborne’s Budget started off in an innocuous, jovial manner as he talked of changes to Vehicle Excise Duty whilst a load of rowdy landowners enjoyed themselves in a big palace.

There were warning signs when Osborne revealed cuts to corporation tax but viewers were shocked by what followed.

With his budget speech almost finished, Osborne started on the subject of cuts to welfare spending, at which point it turned into an absolute bloodbath.

As Osborne killed thousands of the poor, the young, the disabled, and the not privately educated, his self-styled ‘Warden of the North’, Iain Duncan-Smith roared his approval, demanding he “kill them all.”

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Viewers were shocked at the events, which left many leading characters dead or dying.

Viewer Sally Porter tweeted:

“OMG. Cannot believe the ending of that Budget. Can’t believe Andy Burnham is dead. He was the fittest one and the rightful ruler of the United Kingdoms.”

Other, slightly more smug and annoying viewers, were not as surprised.

Cretin, Lee Glover told us, “I knew what was going to happen because I’ve read all the books.”

“I don’t want to ruin it for you but in next year’s budget, Harriet Harman will be forced to marry Michael Gove and live as a prisoner in his castle.”

George Osborne has denied taking inspiration from Game Of Thrones, despite demanding members of the cabinet now to refer to him as ‘Master of Coin’.