Support for striking Tube drivers at all time high as public backing reaches 0.1%

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Striking Tube drivers are celebrating a significant milestone today as the percentage of the public supporting their industrial action reached 0.1%.

The new survey of 1,000 people who use public transport found one person who said he supported the Tube drivers and their current decision to strike.

A spokesperson for the RMT union said, “It is the beginning of the tide. Next time it will be 1%, and before you know it everyone will agree that £50k a year, a £2k bonus and 43 days paid holiday is an insultingly small amount to be paid for driving a tube train.”

“Unfortunately the majority of people still think we’re taking the piss when they find out how much we already earn – but that will change. Probably.”

“Yes, strike action is unfortunate, but if we don’t walk out and grind London to a standstill every now and again, how will everyone know how important we are?”

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Tube Strike

Commuters have expressed their frustration the strike, with many wondering how you get a job as a tube driver.

Simon Williams told us, “I absolutely defend their right to strike – 100% – but I still think they’re being pricks about it.”

“Mainly because I applied to be a tube driver – but, because I’m not related to a driver, drink with a driver, or know anyone who could get me a job as a driver, I didn’t get in.”

“Even though I’ve got the two GCSEs they require.”

We tracked down the man who claimed to support the Tube drivers in their strike, 60 year-old Gordon Matthews, and asked him why they have his backing.

He told us, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t have my glasses on. I thought the question was ‘Do you support Tottenham’.”