Celeb camp refurb as MP claims jungle as her second home

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Contestants on ITV’s ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’ were surprised to wake up this morning in a fully furnished camp with all the mod cons you would expect in a Kensington apartment.

The gift was left to them by the recently departed Nadine Dorries MP, who has paid for the refurbishment on expenses claiming the jungle to be her second home.

“Living in the jungle shouldn’t be taxing,” the Mid-Bedfordshire MP told Ant and Dec.

“It should however be tax-funded.”

“The idea came to me when I asked for a cockroach I was about to consume to be cooked first. I was told if I didn’t like it raw then I could shove it up my arse, so I did and earned three hot meals for the team”.

Celebrity furnishings

Although many viewers have complained the luxurious living conditions make the programme a lot less challenging, producers of the show have defended the decision to allow the changes.

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“The upgrades to the camp do not go against the rules, they just go against the ‘spirit’ of the rules,” a member of the show’s team told us.

“We can’t moan to much though, as the rope bridge going over to the camp crosses a moat which has now been cleaned for the first time on years.”

We asked presenters Any and Dec what they thought about the jungle being claimed as a second home and they said something.

The MP who went on the show to raise issues that were close to her heart, such as exploitation and animal rights, told a press conference she is glad to be coming home.

“I have found it difficult sharing a space with disgusting creepy creatures, things that must be the lowest form of life.”

“Thankfully I never have to deal with them again now I have had the Tory whip withdrawn.”