Manchester United blame derby defeat on Andre Marriner for interfering with decision making

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Wayne Rooney has blamed referee Andre Marriner for defeat in the Manchester derby, insisting his constant interfering adversely affected the United players when they were trying to officiate the game.

Rooney was visibly frustrated in the opening minutes as Marriner refused to follow the instructions that the England striker repeatedly kept spitting in his face.

Rooney fumed, “The referee cost us today, I don’t know how we’re expected to win when officials ignore us so blatantly on the pitch.”

“We were appealing for imaginary decisions all the time but he didn’t take any notice, it was disgraceful!”

“Where’s Howard Webb when you need him?”

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United in indignation

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was equally furious, even shouting at his subordinate Roberto Mancini during the match for not showing the expected obedience.

“I had to give Roberto the hairdryer treatment near the end because he refused to put out a team which would roll over for us like most other managers in the league.”

“He was badgering the ref and fourth official all game. I had to protect my territory.”

“I’m sure he’ll be receiving a letter from the FA in the coming days.”

“But the referee must be held to account as well. There were endless opportunities for him to give us an outrageous decision but he bottled it on the big occasion.”

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