iPad ‘a substitute for personality’ claims face scrutiny from UK watchdog

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The Advertising Standards Agency has expanded its investigation into the advertising of Apple’s new iPad after claims that the company are marketing it as a replacement for having a personality.

“I’ve never had many friends, so I was delighted when I saw an advert saying that the new iPad would make me popular, interesting and more attractive to girls.” said Mark Flynn, who is just one of many unhappy customers without a personality.

“I immediately went out and bought one and set up in Starbucks with it, waiting for somebody to talk to me.”

“But people just ignored me, or muttered ‘tosser’ under their breath as they walked past while I sat smiling proudly at my new toy.”

This is not the first time that Apple have come under investigation by the ASA for their advertising.

iPad advertising complaint

The technology giant agreed to amend the way they advertised the product’s 4G capabilities after it was pointed out that the UK does not currently have a 4G network, and even when it does it will not be compatible with the iPad.

“We took on board the regulator’s comments about the 4G capabilities in the UK being exactly the same in a spanner or a brick as in our new iPad, and added some small print onto our website vaguely alluding to that.” said an Apple spokesman.

“And we completely removed the section that claimed it would turn into a flying motorcycle, but we draw the line at saying it won’t make you more interesting.”

“Had you ever heard of that Chinese kid who sold a kidney to buy an iPad before he did that? No, exactly my point.”

“So it certainly can make you more interesting and, in some cases, get you worldwide media exposure.”

The ASA are unimpressed with this argument however, and are continuing to insist that Apple in future promote the product with the single sentence “watch porn on the go”.