Scouse EDL members forced to distance themselves from Liverpool FC

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Liverpool-based members of the English Defence League are today distancing themselves from the Anfield club after its continued conduct in the Luis Suarez racism case.

The club’s criticism of the FA and the independent panel, despite accepting the ban, has left many as confused as Andy Carroll in Manchester City’s penalty area.

One alleged Kopite angrily said, “Well, someone may have told you that I have a season ticket but they’re wrong.”

“I’m afraid your source is about as reliable as a Uruguayan striker.”

“Saturday afternoons I’m always protesting about Muslims or something like that anyway, and I’d never stoop as low as to pay to go watch Liverpool.”

Suarez accepts ban

The EDL itself quickly issued a statement to clarify its position, which when compared to Liverpool’s, looked as if it had been written by Shakespeare.

The statement read, “The EDL utterly condemns Liverpool’s conduct in the Luis Suarez conduct.”

“The arguments of Kenny Dalglish and others are as useless as selecting Stewart Downing in the starting eleven – and that’s pretty useless.”

“Their good reputation and tradition is vanishing quicker than a half-decent car left unguarded in Croxteth.”

“And they’re not taking us down with them.”