As economic confidence plummets, Google removes ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button

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Search giant Google has responded to increasingly widespread economic pessimism by temporarily removing the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button which usually sits next to the search box on its web page.

The button, which normally returns the single most promising result from the user’s search query, was felt to be “out of step with current consumer sentiment” according to a Google spokesman this morning.

“We’ll think about revisiting ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ in six months or so”, the spokesman explained.

“Until then, frankly, it would just feel like rubbing people’s nose in it to have it there. I mean, I work for Google, and I’m not feeling lucky – are you? I’ve got a mortgage to pay, kids to feed, and who knows when a wave of redundancies might be coming round the corner.”

“And it’s not as if jobs as ‘Google spokesman’ grow on trees, is it?”

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Large-scale user interface testing is currently under way for a new version of the search page with an “I’m Feeling Grimly Realistic About Life, All Things Considered” button, but there are apparently some delays getting the translation correct for foreign users.

Google is not the only company to feel the pain of economic pressures.

Fast-food chain McDonald’s also recently announced that given the plummeting real-world value of its customers’ wage packets, it would be inappropriate to continue to stock its usual range of children’s “Happy Meals”.

Instead, it will shortly be launching a new budget range of “Sombre Meals”, containing a single slice of bread and dripping, along with a rudimentary home-made toy tank fashioned from a cotton reel, rubber band and used matchstick.