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Dale Farm travellers join St Paul’s protest camp

A hitherto unknown left-wing protest group ‘Dale Farm Travellers Against Global Capitalism’, has announced it will join the protesters around London’s St Paul’s Cathedral with immediate effect.

The move has prompted worried police to announce their suspicions that someone might be having a laugh.

The hastily-formed protest group, consisting largely of caravans augmented with the damaged remains of some scaffolding, have already begun setting up camp in the cathedral square, and have vowed “not to leave this site until the rampant excesses of free-market capitalism are tamed, or until we find another farm.”

Police spokesman Inspector Desmond Burley confirmed that the protest camp site had been swelled by large numbers of caravans, but could not explain exactly where the new protesters had come from.

“Some of them look a bit familiar,” he explained this morning, “Like you’ve seen them on the telly or something, but we can’t for the life of us work out who they are.”

“One of them gave me some lucky heather and laughed, and we can’t help feeling that someone, somehow, is taking the piss out of us here.”

St Paul’s protest camp reinforcements

Despite robust protests from cathedral authorities that the protest was “Causing great disruption to church business and revenue, and the last thing we need is that bloody Dale Farm lot”, the police were adamant that the protesters were breaking no laws, and were perfectly entitled to remain peacefully occupying the site.

“And therefore,” explained Inspector Burley, “We’ll be in there with a bulldozer kicking the shit out of them directly.”

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