Some people still trust MPs, reveals shock survey

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A survey by the Committee on Standards in Public Life has revealed that a mind-boggling 26% of the public still believe that MPs are dedicated to working well for the public.

Other findings include the truly jaw-dropping statistic that as many as 20% of the public think MPs tell the truth.

Michael Purton, who believes that the Jim Henson fantasy film, Labyrinth, is a documentary that exposes David Bowie as a child thief, told us “I can’t see any reason to believe that MPs are in any way dishonest.”

“I mean what could they possibly gain from behaving like that?”

“It just doesn’t make sense.”

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MP confidence

Committee chairman Sir Christopher Kelly said the results made his “eyes bleed” and the number of those who believed MPs were competent and dedicated to the public good was “as mental as a box full of Charlie Sheens being taken to Legoland in a lorry driven by Mel Gibson.”

“We found that politicians are slightly ahead of tabloid journalists when it comes to being believable, but still some way behind Ryan Giggs.”

“The fact that there’s people out there who don’t believe that Jeremy Hunt is anything other than an odious little shit is absolutely terrifying.”