Book claims basketball star had sexual liaison with moron

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A new book has claimed basketball star Glen Rice had an ongoing sexual relationship with well-known Republican moron Sarah Palin.

The book titled, “Alaskan Heat”, is likely to cast a shadow over the glowing career of Rice, who until now had been considered to be of completely sound mind and body.

Speaking out after the revelations, he told reporters, “We do stupid things, and people, when we’re young and those actions shouldn’t be held against us.”

“I didn’t know what I was doing was so wrong, it’s not like we talked about whether we could see Russia from the bedroom.”

“Fortunately I’ve already retired, as I dread to think what these revelations could have done to my reputation if I was still playing.”

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Basketball star and Palin

There already calls for Rice to lose lucrative commentary and promotional contracts, with many describing his actions as ‘hypocritical in the extreme’.

Biographer Jerry Hindberg told us, “Just because a man has sex with a moron when he was young, doesn’t mean that incident should define who he is today.”

“I would hope that all right-minded Americans can look beyond these allegations and see that this minor transgression is no indication of his character as a whole.”