Mother’s fury as child’s toy spells ‘wanker’

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A Birmingham mother is furious at Toys’R’Us for selling her an ‘indecent’ toy for her child.

Sally Williams, 24, bought the set of spelling bricks for her three-year-old son, Brooklyn.

“I was hoping to help him recognise a few basic words for when he goes to school next year.”

Miss Williams, a part-time supermarket worker, had specifically selected the spelling bricks from the educational department in her local Toys’R’Us superstore.

She unpacked them at home and left her son playing with them whilst she went to fetch herself a can of Red Bull.  She made a shocking discovery upon her return moments later.

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“I was shocked.  There in front of me, bold as you like, was the word ‘wanker’!”

“Those bricks can also spell cunt, fuck, shit and tits, I checked!”

“How can Toys’R’Us sell such filth?  Brooklyn is only three, he shouldn’t be exposed to words like that for at least another two or three years.  It’s completely unacceptable.”

Miss Williams admitted that the bricks have also been used by Brooklyn to create less offensive words such as ‘cbzat’, ‘brbc’ and ‘voyzt’.”

“I don’t actually know what those other words mean, which I guess means Brooklyn is either a genius, or foreign.”

“His English isn’t very good, so I suppose he might be a foreigner?”

Toys’R’Us were unavailable for comment.