Rookie pilot makes ‘text book’ landing

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A rookie pilot has landed safely after a routine approach at London’s Heathrow airport.

First Officer, Freddie Didsbury, 29, had previously landed a plane just 48 times, all successfully.

The scheduled flight was returning from Spain where it had picked up almost two hundred holiday makers, all of whom were completely unaware of his rookie status.


Andrew Hill, 57, a passenger aboard his Boeing 737 said, “To be honest, it was only after we were on the ground, and you came up and told us, that we even knew he was a rookie.”

“His employers should be very proud.”

Maggie Simpson, 63 of Wakefield said, “He is just the sort of pilot you want holding your life in his hands when the conditions are perfect, like today.”

When asked to comment, Mr Didsbury replied that he felt uncomfortable with all the attention and concluded, “I was only doing my job.”