Artist impression ‘unflattering’

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A man currently on trial for plotting a terrorist attack has called his artist impression “unflattering”.

The sketch of Ahmed Ali Khan, 24, was drawn whilst he sat with his fellow alleged conspirators in the dock at Woolwich Crown Court.

The artist’s impression has been described by those in court as an accurate likeness.

However, a spokesman for Mr Khan has said it is unflattering. “He is much more handsome in real life.  They have given him the cold dead eyes of a killer, and added about thirty pounds, when really, he’s quite buff.”


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The sketch, which shows Mr Khan looking ahead and rather disinterested in the proceedings, also gives the impression he is of below-average height.

“He is easily 5’9” maybe even 5’10” in the right shoes.” said the family spokesman.

“Perhaps the next sketch could see him smiling?  Or joking with the jury?”

The trial is expected to last nine months.

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