Murderers unhappy at ‘joke’

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Murderers at Belmarsh prison are said to be unhappy at the growing popularity of a joke told at fifteen-year anniversary parties.

The joke, which likens being married to being incarcerated, implies that the husband would have served less time had he killed his wife instead of marrying her.

It’s popularity has grown in recent times as the average sentence for murder has dropped to a level more appropriate for Crystal anniversary celebrations.

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Ed Grimshaw, 44, is currently 8 years into a 19 year sentence for choosing to murder his fiancée, instead of marrying her.

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“They don’t know what it’s like.  I see the sun an hour a day and have to suck cock for TV privileges.”

“Given my time again, I would give serious consideration to marrying her instead of killing her to death.  Honestly.”

We attended a fifteen year anniversary celebration where the joke was used, and when questioned the organiser said, “It’s a joke, I don’t really wish I’d killed her… or do I?  HAHAHA!!”

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