Nuclear subs unable to swap insurance details

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An investigation into a recent collision between two nuclear submarines has shown that one party may have been uninsured.

The collision, which took place in the mid-Atlantic, was between a British Navy submarine and it’s French equivalent.

Although both subs were left structurally intact, there has been some concern over the insurance cover of both vessels.

A British Navy spokesperson said, “They obviously hit us. Evidence shows it was quite clearly the case, and we both surfaced in order to swap insurance details.”

Lack of documents

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“At first they said we’d pulled out without looking both ways, which we hadn’t, and then they tried to pretend they were German”, continued the spokesman.

“Finally, they claimed they’d left their insurance details at home.”

“We didn’t believe that, and we had six years of no claims discount to protect.”


Unfortunately, a call to the emergency services made it clear that no legal presence would be visiting the scene, and an uneasy truce was met.

“We took as many photos as we could, but we’re pretty sure the licence plate was a fake” said a sailor on board the British sub.

“I guess it’s now up to Admiral Insurance to determine whose fault it was.”

Our investigations have exclusively revealed that the French submarine has been uninsured since 2005, when the French Government cut costs after an expensive and unsuccessful bid for the 2012 Olympics.

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