Refuse engineer unhappy at level of cleaning required

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A 25 year-old London man has complained to his employers about the level of cleaning involved in his role.

Mark Jones, a Refuse Engineer for building maintenance firm CityClean, said that the cleaning requests began almost immediately.

“I was delighted to get the role, who doesn’t want to be an engineer?  I phone my mum and she was well chuffed.”

But this dream soon became a nightmare.


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“I’d not been there more than five minutes when they gave me a mop and asked me to clean the toilets.”

“I thought it was some sort of engineers initiation or hazing, so I went along with it.”

It was three weeks before Mr Jones began to suspect something was wrong.

“I’d not got to play with any engines, or design any stuff or anything.  It felt like they were just using me.”

Mr Jones complained to the management, only to be told that these were the expected duties of a refuse engineer.

“That’s when I knew I had them.  Engineers don’t use mops. I’ve seen enough of them on the Discovery channel to know that.”

New Chance

Mr Jones felt he was left no choice but to look elsewhere for gainful employment.

After a brief search, Mr Jones begins work for British Rail as Revenue Protection Officer next week.

He said, “It’s good, I liked the film The Bodyguard, and protecting the public is a really noble cause. I can’t wait to start!”