Mills in airbrush controversy

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Selfless charity worker and single mother-of one Heather Mills-McCartney is at the centre of a row concerning a photo shoot for a well known ‘Lads Mag’.

Following accusations concerning the level of airbrushing applied to modern celebrities during photo-shoots, many recent images have been closely scrutinised by professionals and amateurs alike.

Previews of the Ms. Mills-McCartney’s photographs  have been leaked onto the Internet and have been met with accusations of “totally unrealistic” airbrushing.

“It’s unfair” claimed Miss Mills-McCartney’s spokesperson, “people are jealous just because she looks like this in real life.  A little airbrushing goes on, sure, but nothing that distorts the truth.”


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A regular subscriber to the magazine, Cliff Childs, 21, said he was disgusted by what he had seen.

“It’s not right.  They use computers to change everything these days, but I know they’re going to get rid of a spot, or take a few pounds of the hips.  We sort of expect that.”

“But I think it’s pretty safe to assume that most people already know Mill-McCartney only has one leg.  Airbrushing in another extra leg is going too far!”

Miss Mills-McCartney, who is seen sporting two fully-functioning lower limbs in the shoot, called time on the press conference when asked the direct question of where her additional leg appeared from.

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