Al Qaeda miss out on cash windfall

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Al Qaeda have missed out on a sizeable cash windfall due to a missing self-addressed envelope.

An Al Qaeda video blooper was successfully submitted to the Harry Hill show, “You’ve been Framed!”, but they did not include a return address, causing some to speculate this was a deliberate move for fear of reprisals from the British security services.

The hilarious clip, which shows a masked man trip on his M16 assault rifle and shoot himself in the foot whilst leaving a cave, was said to be one of the highlights of the show.

A real shame

A spokesman for Mr Hill said, “It’s a great shame, the clip was hilarious, and now they’ll miss out on £250 because they are frightened MI6 would watch where they cashed the cheque.  I feel a bit sorry for them.”

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A security services spokesman was quoted as saying that although they like “a laugh and a joke as much as the next man”, this human side of Al Qaeda should not be “tolerated”.

“Sure it’s funny watching a terrorist shoot himself in the foot.  It’s well worth £250 of anyone’s money.  But remember that money would have gone towards killing you or I, so it’s probably best they didn’t include a self-addressed envelope.”

Al Qaeda were unavailable for comment.

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