Self-defence teacher beaten to ‘within inch of life’

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A Gloucester-based self-defence instructor has been beaten to within an inch of his life during a routine demonstration for a group of middle-aged women.

Dave Andrews, 37, had been teaching self-defence at the Gloucester Community centre for three years, and was well liked by his students.

The incident took place at the regular Wednesday evening class, during a demonstration of self-defence techniques.

Mrs. Shelly Rowntree, 49 explained what happened. “He wanted to demonstrate how to combat a frenzied attacker.  He asked someone to come at him and just keep on coming, whatever happened.”

Norah Little, 49, volunteered to help with the demonstration and after striking what some have described as a “lucky kick” in the genital area, Mr Andrews was left incapacitated.

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“We thought she went a bit far when she picked up a chair to beat him with, but we all thought it was part of the demonstration.”

Relentless attack

It is believed that Mrs Little’s attack continued uninterrupted for eleven minutes, at which point she stopped due to exhaustion.

selfdefencecommentAn ambulance was called when Mr Andrews failed to regain consciousness, despite the best efforts of the class to revive him.

“We threw water over him, wiped the blood from his face, and gave him a good shake, but none of it seemed to wake him.” explained Mrs Rowntree.

Mr Andrews is recovering well in hospital, and staff are confident he will regain full use of both testicles.

It remains unclear whether he will continue his role at the Gloucester Community Centre once his lengthy rehabilitation is complete.