Reform UK celebrate successfully winning a parliamentary super-minority

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Nigel Farage’s Reform UK are today celebrating after successfully winning a parliamentary super-minority.

Farage could be one of FOUR Reform MPs in parliament, giving them the parliamentary power and influence of approximately 1/20th of the Liberal Democrats.

“All the talk before the election was about the power of a supermajority, but everyone ignores the power of the superminority.

“It’s a bit like homeopathy, the less of us there are, the more powerful we become. Or is that Jedis? Either way, four MPs is just about as powerful as it’s possible to become for this fledgling political organisation that I would like everyone to pretend didn’t actually start in 2018.

“The next step for us is governing from Downing Street, and that is obviously what will happen next, once we exert the full power of our superminority.”

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It was then pointed out to Farage that a party of four MPs will be heard from in the commons about as often as the Green party over the next five years, and that his personal financial dealings will now be subject to the full rigorous assessment expected of all members of parliament.

“Oh,” said Farage.

“Well, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve quit this party.”