Awful prick surprises literally no one by defending Putin’s Russia

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Awful prick Nigel Farage has leapt to the defence of Vladimir Putin by insisting that Russian actions in invading Ukraine are ‘not that bad really.’

Nigel Farage has joined shit-thick Twitter trolls to explain that it’s all the EU and NATO’s fault, and we should all just let Russia do what it likes as it’s all quite far away and, really, Mr Putin is actually quite nice.

“Look, there are some immigrants! And they’re doing things,” said Farage, owner of Reform UK and parliamentary candidate for the least educated constituency in the country.

“That’s the sort of thing we should be focussing on. Not Russia.

“Russia only invaded the Ukraine to protect their former territory from the EU, so if there was no EU, there’d be no invasion.

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“That’s certainly what I’d imagine anyway. I don’t know what they think because it’s never, ever, been proven in court that I’ve ever met any Russians. Which is a perfectly normal thing for an English politician to highlight.

“As for NATO, if they’d focussed less on keeping their members safe and letting sovereign nations make their own decisions on whether to join, or not, then Russia wouldn’t have felt compelled to invade. So it’s all NATO’s fault, too.”

It is expected that pro-Russia ‘Ukraine Research Group’ or similar will be set up imminently by the sort of right-wing reactionary Tories who like Brexit, hate Green policies and think people who died of Covid are just putting it on to get a day off work.

It has never been fully established how all these dreadful people are financed.

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