Warmaster Horus was provoked into invading the Imperium, insists Farage

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The spread of the Imperial Truth right up to the Eye of Terror left the ruinous powers ‘no choice’ but to defend their legitimate interests, according to Reform leader Nurgle Farage today.

Farage, who standing as the ‘change’ candidate in the forthcoming election, made the claims when asked about a suggested relationship between himself and Abaddon the Despoiler.

”The Emperor pledged to the denizens of the warp that he would not spread his influence ‘one inch further, and then broke that promise’, Farage insisted despite there being no contemporary evidence to support the claim.

”All I’m saying is that under the circumstances you can’t be surprised the Warp gods would seek to destroy Cadia and split the galaxy asunder in an orgy of misery and flame.”

However, Farage has been accused of parroting Tzeench talking points to support ChaosUndivided and its attempt to destroy the Astronomican.

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A spokesman for the Holy Inquisition told us they would be examining Farages comments, and anyway, the attempted invasion had ground to a halt and only achieved unity in the Imperium in defence.

”Cadia stands,” we were told.