Referee slammed for allowing wars to escalate and trust in institutions to diminish

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The referee in a recent football match has been slammed for failing to tackle the escalations in war across the globe and the breakdown in trust in institutions across the country and world.

“It was poor. It was a poor performance from the referee there,” explained pundit Simon Williams.

“He’s had a shocker. We’ve seen serious escalations in wars around the world. Look at Ukraine, the Sudan, Gaza, and yet the referee just let the game continue. It was as if he didn’t notice what was happening. At the very least I’d have thought it warranted a yellow card, but the ref gave nothing. It’s not really good enough.”

The referee started poorly by missing a clear offside on the opening goal. He then went on to allow it to start raining, despite the fact that people were clearly getting wet. Again, he took no action when there was a clear build-up of traffic by the junction onto the ring-road. Things went from bad to worse for the referee when he failed to take any action against wars around the globe, and then, finally, seemingly having lost complete control of the game, the referee seemed to allow a complete breakdown in confidence in institutions of government without so much as issuing a warning.

“I think that, if you’re refereeing at this level, then you really need to be able to stay on top of the complete breakdown in confidence in political institutions, otherwise, what are you even doing there?” Continued Williams

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The referee’s poor performance is seen as more evidence of a crisis in referee competence. Some pundits believe that if we don’t see an improvement in referees’ performances, we could see a complete breakdown in society and possibly even an evolutionary regression that sees humankind return to being apes living in the trees.

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