When can we start all that ‘It’s coming home’ shit? ask England fans

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England fans are desperate to start all that ‘it’s coming home’ shit now that the provisional squad has been released for the Euro 2024 finals.

With news emerging earlier today of the 33-man provisional list to make the cut for the much-anticipated competition, millions of England fans have already begun to look forward to when they can start to constantly repeat that ‘it’s coming home’ throughout the competition until they ultimately get knocked out by some other bastard team of foreigners at the quarter-final stage.

England fan Simon Williams revealed, “Can I say it?

“I mean, have you seen the squad, it’s looking really really good, and I actually think we can win it this time. In fact, we are definitely going to win it. Definitely. No doubt about it.

“Fuck it, I’m going to say it. It’s coming home. There, I said it.

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“I’m sticking it on Facebook too, and probably Twitter, because it’s definitely coming home. Absolutely. We have got this in the bag. Unless we play Spain of course, or France, or Germany.

“But other than that, guess what… It’s coming home!

“I can’t wait to sing it in the pub, and at the ground, when we beat Serbia at the start, because that will mean we are definitely going to win the whole competition, because that always happens.

“I’m sorry, but It’s definitely coming home.

“I genuinely can’t stop saying it now.”

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