This incredible millennial bought their first home just by making a packed lunch every day for a year and buying a winning lottery ticket

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28-year-old Poppy Williams has today spoken to the media about how she managed to buy her first home simply by making her own lunches to save money, and winning the lottery.

Williams, who is being hailed as a shining example to anyone in her generation who is looking to own their own home, paid cash for her first flat, just under a year after setting herself the target of getting on the property ladder.

Poppy told us, “I knew I needed to tighten my belt a little to save a for a house, so I decided I’d give it a year and see how close I could get to that dream.

“Take-away lunches and posh coffees went out of the window first, and I started making my own lunch, sometimes it was just a baked potato and half a tin of beans, which costs about 25p. Plus the electricity. And the microwave in the first place, obviously.

“Four months in, I reckoned I’d saved around £600 in total, so I was well on the way to owning my own house.

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“By month eleven, I’d saved a grand total of £1,300, and then I won just over £400,000 on the lottery, so I was able to buy my flat outright.  And I did it all in less than 12 months, which is incredible.

“Sure, winning the lottery helped at bit, but I know I would have got here just the same if I hadn’t won all that money – it just would have taken me a little bit longer.  Probably another six months or so at the most, I’ve not done the maths.

“My message to any young person out there who wants to get on the housing ladder is that it’s possible, you just need to cut back on a few things like posh coffees, those ten-quid lunches, and lottery tickets that don’t win anything.”