I’ll happily give the taxpayer £1,500 I don’t even owe, as soon as Michelle Mone hands back the £200m she took from the taxpayer for useless PPE, insists Angela Rayner

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Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner has said she will happily give the taxpayer the £1,500 she probably doesn’t owe in Capital Gains Tax, as soon as Tory peer Michelle Mone hands back the £200m she took from the taxpayer for useless PPE during the pandemic.

As Rayner comes under increasing pressure by the right-wing press over Capital Gains Tax that might be owed following the sale of a former council house she bought years before she became an MP, she has said she’ll happily pay it, even though she doesn’t owe it.

Rayner explained, “I’ve had lawyers and tax experts look at it, and I don’t owe any Capital Gains Tax, but that doesn’t seem to satisfy some people. And that’s okay. It’s fifteen-hundred quid, and I’d much rather keep it – given I don’t owe it – BUT, if Michelle Mone hands back the £200m of taxpayer cash she took via the VIP lane in the pandemic, then sure, I’ll pay it.

“They can treat it like a little victory if they want. I’ll pay the taxpayer £1,500 in CGT I that don’t even owe, if Michelle Mone gives back… *checks notes*… the ONE-HUNDRED AND THIRTY THOUSAND times as much that SHE owes the taxpayer.”

Voters have backed the proposal, insisting that they can see no possible reason why any media organisation would focus on £1,500 that an MP doesn’t even owe, when a life-peer literally owes the taxpayer £200m.

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Simon Williams told us, “I get it, they have column inches to fill. And if it turns out that Angela Rayner does owe about a grand CGT on a property she bought before she entered politics, then I’m sure it will be considered a scoop worthy of an employee of the week award for any junior reporter on a regional newspaper with circulation in the hundreds. I’m also sure she’ll pay it.

“Can you say the same about Michelle Mone?”