Laurence Fox’s failure to run for London Mayor disappoints literally tens of voters

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Laurence Fox has failed at the first hurdle after he was unable to fill in a few forms correctly, ensuring he will not be on the ballot for London Mayor, disappointing literally tens of voters.

The actor, turned musician, turned grifter was hoping to repeat the spectacular success of his last mayoral campaign in which he gained 1.9% of the vote, finishing narrowly behind a YouTuber who ran ‘for a laugh’, and just ahead of Count Binface.

Londoner Simon Williams told us, “I think it’s a real shame that we’ve been denied the opportunity to once again tell Laurence Fox that we think he’s a grifter on screaming on the periphery of British politics.

“I do begin to wonder how much impact all this losing is going to have on his mental health. He lost in the last mayoral election; he lost in the Uxbridge by-election, he lost in court multiple times to his ex-wife, he lost in court against the people whom he defamed; and he lost in court to the guy he claimed defamed him. That’s an awful lot of losing for one person.

“If his grifting shtick weren’t so hilariously tragic, I’d probably feel a bit sorry for him.

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